Opportunities to Make a Difference

The ultimate aim of the Paragas Lab is to characterize all the gene activity in each of the more than 30 types of cells in the mammalian kidney. By identifying the genetic signature of each of the kidney’s cell types, Dr. Paragas hopes to determine the molecular changes in the kidney response during steady state, disease, and injury. Although every cell type in the kidney contains the same sets of genes, each cell type functions differently because each has a unique genetic fingerprint. This path-breaking research has the potential to transform our understanding and management of kidney disease, revealing:

•           How the kidney responds to injury;

•           Biomarkers that predict the progression to end-stage renal failure; and

•           Whether specific cells in the kidney might be targets for treatment, potentially leading to new, more effective therapeutics.

In order to advance this ambitious mission, the Paragas laboratory needs visionary partners to support the next phase of research. Your philanthropic support can help in the following ways.

Provide laboratory support for genetic profiling                                                 $50,000 to $100,000

The Paragas Lab needs to extend its current research model to continue to illuminate new pathways in the injury response. Gifts will expand promising, multidisciplinary research that may one day lead to new drugs and assays that predict kidney failure.

Hire a junior scientist                                                                                              $100,000

Funding is needed to hire and support the operational costs of adding a junior scientist to the team. This person will process study data and map the kidney for genes involved in the loss of renal function.

General laboratory support                                                                                   Gifts at all levels

Gifts of any amount will help advance the Paragas lab’s research.

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To learn more how you can support this research at the UW School of Medicine Advancement, please contact Megan Muskovin, Associate Director for Philanthropy, at muskovin@uw.edu or 206.543.7421.